WiXoss Reunion Diva WXDi-P11 Booster Pack - ENGLISH

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Each pack contains 8 cards.
REUNION DIVA introduces Selector and Lostorage LRIGs Sashe, Myu, Aiyai that appeared in the spin-off manga Selector stirred WIXOSS. In addition, characters like Alfou that appeared in the spin-off manga selector infected WIXOSS -Re/verse- and Allos Piruluk, Mugen that appeared in the anime's Lostorage incited WIXOSS and Lostorage conflated WIXOSS respectfully, to Diva Selection as Center LRIGs.
• Carnival and Ann receive Assist LRIGS.
• Features memory SIGNI for Muzica and Ex.
• Features the return of Resona as "Resona/Craft" into Diva Selection

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