Grand Archive TCG Fractured Crown Booster Box

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The story of Cambria continues in Fractured Crown! Join the Grand Archive champions as they overcome challenging trials, uncover a sinister plot, and attempt to unite Aesa once again.
Fractured Crown is a supplemental expansion set, meant to accompany and bolster the strategies and designs in Dawn of Ashes. Explore 90 unique card designs to enhance and improve your deck-building!
FTC: Armaments is a sub-set of popular and staple Regalia from Dawn of Ashes, in a new rarity and unique foil treatment! You will see one of these special Armaments every 3 boxes. Additionally, CSRs can be found in every 15 boxes.
Prodcut Info
• 90 unique cards in set
• 123 foil variations in set
• 20 booster packs per booster box

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