GameGenic The Academic 266+ XL TOLARIAN EDITION

Sale price$84.99

  • Premium multifunctional deck box perfect for Magic: The Gathering™, Pokémon®, and many standard-sized games. Ideal for Flesh and Blood™*
  • Designed for 266+ double-sleeved cards in extra Thick Inner Sleeves** plus accessories
  • 2 extra slots for sleeved oversized cards, boosters, Life Counters, Toploaders, Slide Card Cases, or Cube Pockets 15+
  • 2 removable acrylic compartment dividers that can be easily moved to another slot, offering seamless space for deck boxes
  • Top section for additional accessories, cards, tokens, dice, Life Counter, Toploaders, or Slide Card Cases
  • 2 removable drawers with revolutionary magnetic flaps that guarantee effortless pulling-out
  • Drawers can each hold 40+ double-sleeved cards (or 52+ single-sleeved cards).**Ideal for Flesh and Blood™* Blitz decks.
  • CONVERTIBLE System: The removable cover clips onto the bottom
  • Powerful magnets along with the innovative locking mechanism ensure a secure closure
  • Premium materials: Nexofyber+ surface and selected microfiber inner lining


Product size
(W x D x H)
365 x 105 x 119 mm
Size of inner compartments
(W x D x H)
main compartments:
114 x 86 x 109 mm
top compartment:
108 x 83 x 23 mm
98 x 70 x 33 mm
Material Nexofyber+ surface + microfiber inner lining
Color: Black/Purple

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