Final Fantasy Vll Anniversary Art Museum Vol. 2 Booster Pack - English

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Second series of physical trading cards featuring over 200 artworks across FINAL FANTASY VII universe, from the original FINAL FANTASY VII to the latest installment FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH. Cards can be collected both physically and digitally, allowing fans to enjoy their collection anywhere, anytime.

Each card pack contains 6 physical trading cards randomly selected from all 209 design variations, along with 1 exchange ticket that can be redeemed for any one digital card of choice!

Total 209 design variations to collect, both as physical trading cards and digital cards.
  • 99 x Normal Cards
  • 99 x Premium foil cards
  • 3 x Variant normal cards
  • 3 x Variant premium foil cards
  • 3 x Secret Cards
  • 3 x Super Secret Cards
This trading card set is a great way to collect your favorite cards filled with the charm of FINAL FANTASY VII.

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