Lorcana Ursula's Return - Pre-Release Deck Tournament May 19, at 1 PM

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-Tournament Details-
(28 player cap).
Players will randomly receive one of the two new starter decks from Lorcana set 4 Release Ursula's Return that conatin one booster pack and an additional booster pack to construct a 60-card deck.
Three rounds of Swiss / Best of 3 / Pack per win

-1st & 2nd-Choice of promo pin  one promo card from set 2 and one promo from set 1.

-3rd & 4th-One promo card from set 2 and one promo card from set 1

-5th - 8th-One promo card from set 1.

-Season 4 Promo Raffle-
All players are automatically entered into a raffle for a chance to win one set 2 promo card. One promo will be raffled after each round. Players must be present during the raffle in order to receive the promo and are only eligible to be selected once during the event.

-Purchasing sealed product at the end-
All 28 players will receive priority for purchasing one available Disney Lorcana product, subject to availability (one item per person).

-Players must use provided starter deck and pack(s) alloted to compete in the Swiss Rounds for prizing.

-Players that intend on not playing and only reciveing starter deck and pack(s) alloted will be excluded from other product to purchase in the event.

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